DON VERB is a veteran hip hop artist who is known for his versatility and apparent eclectic musical influences. Taking pride in being 'more musical' than most rappers/MC's, his cadences, rhyme schemes, melodies and topical range are truly exclusive to this attention-commanding artist. With many accomplishments under his belt, he left hip hop (and music altogether) for several years. With a full-length release in early 2019 ("The Mad King") serving as a vivid illustration of his revitalized hunger, he's returned with a vengeance - to reclaim what he believes was to be his, many years ago!

Comparing Don Verb's musical stylings to fellow rappers is a difficult undertaking. He can provide intense and provocative anthems ("Paint Me Red", "Close to the Edge"), graphic and exhilarating musical stories ("Community First", "734"), upbeat and funky comical releases ("Real Rap Back", "Goon!") and introspective/bleeding-in-public ballads ("Fall to Pieces", "Ghostwriters").

Despite having a background in Detroit's Golden Era battle rap scene and always keeping a competitive edge, D.V has collaborated with countless artists and used the influence that he has accumulated over the years to assist them in their careers. In addition to having worked with countless musicians on songs and even labels - as a teammate of sorts - he's also worked as a promoter in Detroit's hip hop scene; providing a platform for the hard-working and struggling artists who surround him.

Don Verb is ready to make a worldwide impact in the entertainment industry! He is an artist who writes for himself and others (in various genres), is said to have a great stage presence, can produce for himself and others, has worked as an engineer and even works professionally in marketing and promotions. An investment by any entity into Don Verb seems like an obviously fruitful decision.

In 2020, Don Verb will be promoting and pushing his "Sanctioned Hits" collaborative album in person, online and via radio waves.


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